Yamaha Waverunner Servicing

Premium Servicing, Repairs and Performance work on all Yamaha Waverunner Jet Skis

  • All spark plugs are changed every service. They make look ok when checked but there is only one way to make sure they stay that way until the next service.
  • We only use the highest grade Jet Ski specific oil and additive to protect your motor from water ingestion.
  • Our pricing includes new plugs, Oil, additive, filter, pump check and compression test results to monitor the health of your Ski.
  • Only people who specialise in YAMAHA with extensive knowledge and genuine care will work on your Ski.
  • We specialise in Yamaha Jet Ski Performance modifications and our servicing is done to the highest quality available.
  • Thinking of Racing? Contact Us for more details.
  • Service Kits available by mail order for DIY
  • Ph (07) 3151 2037


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