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3 things that make a Premium Jet Ski Service


At Jet Ski Services we do things a little differently. Firstly we follow the recommended service check list according to the workshop manual.

However what’s best for your Ski isn’t necessarily what’s the most convenient for a workshop. With just a little more effort a Jet Ski can give thousands of reliable and enjoyable hours of FUN!

  1. Warm up Jet Ski before starting the Service.

This makes the oil run out through the extractor easier and the carbon deposits are still suspended in the oil when it’s extracted meaning less damage to your motor.

The best way to get your Jet Ski warmed up is to take it out for a run. Putting them on the flushing hose is never going to get them to the right temperature and with a Seadoo it risks the carbon seal overheating and your Ski sinking.

The oil extraction is done via a hose down the dip stick hole. When a Ski is on a Pontoon or a Trailer it’s flat and therefore some of the oil is left behind.

We have purpose built trolleys to safely tilt the Skis over to extract all of the Oil from the Motor therefore making sure there’s nothing left behind to wear out your engine unnecessarily.

We ask our members to drop them off after riding if possible, so we can get started while their Ski is still hot. We’ll wash them for you don’t worry!


2. Always change the Spark plugs.

They may look OK when you pull them out to check, but will they be OK in another 20 hours? Let alone another 50 hours!

No matter how good they look when you pull them out, the only way to ensure another 50 hours of reliable service is to replace them with new ones.


3. Always run the very best oil.

These days we have an oil additive called Extreme Proof that makes life much easier for your Ski operating in hot, wet and often salty conditions. It makes sure the oil doesn’t get thin when hot and doesn’t allow dry starts as it adheres to all metal parts when the engine cools down. This is essential with supercharged or Turbo’d Skis.

It also ensures no corrosion can take place inside the motor and if you are unlucky enough to ingest some water it will maintain the lubricity of the oil and ensure minimum wear.

Extreme Proof will raise the quality of the oil to above and beyond what is the minimum recommendation for every Jet Ski and will not have any negative effect on your warranty.

It is also be available for retail purchase for diy.

If your Jet Ski is due for a Service give it a Jet Ski Services – Premium Service.




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