Kawasaki Ultra 300/310 260/250 Race Sponsons


Product Description

  • Performance Benefits:
    –  Better handling when cornering, smoother more controlled turning
    – Our sponsons let the boat ride higher in the bow which gives several advantages
    – Dryer ride in all conditions
    – Higher top speed because the boat rides higher in the water, around 1 1/2 – 2 MPH speed gain
    – Adjustability to suit your riding style – down position (top hole) for recreational riding and racing and up position (bottom hole) for enduro rides or races, this position will give you more speed but less aggressive cornering.


Postage is available anywhere. International Orders in any quantity welcome. Please Contact Us for details and payment

We can fit the parts for you if required. Or you can easily fit it yourself using these instructions  WR547 Install Instructions



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