Extreme Fresh – Wetsuit Wash


Product Description


  • Designed for cleaning, conditioning and maintaining Jet Ski riding gearWetsuit Wash
  •  Removes salt, chlorine, bacteria and unwanted odours
  • Place all Wetsuits, Tour Coats, Gloves and Boots and gear into a large tub and fill with water
  • Add Extreme Fresh Wetsuit Wash to the tub at approximately 300:1  and mix well
  • Rinse items off and hang out to dry in the shade

Premium Grade Wetsuit Wash – Purpose designed for Wetsuits used for Jet Skiing

Used and Recommended by;

jsc100         jstv100


Suitable for all Jet Ski Wetsuit Brands

brand comp600extreme-fresh


Postage is available anywhere. International Orders in any quantity welcome. Please Contact Us for details and payment


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