Jet Ski Tuning


At Jet Ski Services and Performance we are able to help you with any kind of tune you need.

Weather you want a full MoTeC setup for racing, through to a simple re-flash to gain a little more speed we will work with you on whatever suits you best.

There are literally hundreds of re-flashes available on the market today. If your preference is for one over the other we will let you know the options before installing whichever tune you choose. If you have specific timing, fuel and lambda goals we will set it up for you.

The key differences at Jet Ski Performance Services are as follows;

  1. W will consult with you to make sure we’re on the right track to deliver exactly what you’re expecting.
  2. We will do a full health check on your Ski before any modifications are performed.
  3. We will always guide you towards “Sustainable Speed” over “Top Speed” but at the end of the day we will tune to your requirements.


Top Speed – The Facts!

  • For a short time any Ski can be tuned to pull amazing speeds on very flat rivers and dams
  • For a short time on flat water you can get away with high revs with too small a prop
  • For a short time you can run a little lean to make more power
  • For a short time you can run very hot to get more speed
  • For a short time great numbers are easy to make!


Sustainable Speed

  • Tuning to safe limits with Sustainable Speed in mind will give you a much better outcome for long term riding. On a typical social ride the water is usually quite choppy and you’ll probably ride for at least a full tank over a few hours. High revs make the motor work under great stress.
  • Correct pitching of the prop will ensure you get the most Sustainable Speed without having to rev too high all day. This means your motor won’t be working at a very high limit and lessens the risk of unhooking from the rough water. This unhooking can cause overrunning causing damage such as a popped collar, broken springs or a rod through the block.
  • Running lean can lead to melted pistons. This is prevented by correcting the fuel pressure and the spray pattern. Simply more fuel pressure or bigger injectors can give you Sustainable Speed.
  • Overheating causes cracked head gaskets or even worse cracked heads.  Providing the Ski with extra cooling (without over doing it) provides you with Sustainable Speed.
  • High heat and high revs will effect the viscosity of your oil. This allows more metal on metal contact and therefore more wear or seizing of the motor. Correcting the oil viscosity with a purpose designed racing oil will give you Sustainable Speed.
  • Remember anyone with a re-flash unit can make your Ski reach great “Top Speed” At Jet Ski performance Services we specialise in proven “Sustainable Speed”


Contact Us for a no obligation chat about your options.


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