Jet Ski Servicing, Performance & Repairs



We service, repair and modify for performance on New and Used Jet Skis including Sea-Doo, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Hondas.

All Skis are serviced beyond the workshop manual requirements. We have developed our own “Best Practice Premium Service” from many years experience with our own Skis. Our methods are thorough and will preserve the condition of your Jet Ski as long as possible.


  • Jet Skis with a manufacturers warranty will remain covered
  • Customers are encouraged to bring the Ski in hot after riding for the very best results, however we will work around this if required.
  • Drop off is available by arrangement so please contact us for any bookings
  • Before you take your Ski away we will go through your home maintenance procedures in detail with you. This ensures your Ski is on the right track and will remain in perfect condition mechanically and physically for as long as possible.
  • Our members are regularly invited on exclusive group social rides.
  • Imported Skis are welcome. We are able to computer diagnose all of them.
  • We cater for all makes and models,  with or without warranty.
  • If your Ski is on a Pontoon you can take advantage of our “Collect from the Ramp” service
  • Pick up and home servicing is also available.
  • 2 Strokes are very welcome, we love them!


We specialise in proven performance modifications.

Please read our Performance Tuning section

We will discuss your goals with you and share our extensive international racing experience to give you the best outcome. All Skis are inspected for general health before any modifications are commenced.

  • If you are planning on Jet Ski Racing we can give you all the assistance you need to get started. We have a beginners training course to guide you on all you JSPS Logo on Black FF0000 30 grey sqneed to know to get started.
  • Pre-race servicing and post race check ups are a must to keep your Ski performing at it’s best while protecting it from unnecessary wear and tear.
  • We offer a sponsorship program to both serious racers and those that show promise. Please Contact Us for details.


  • So if your planning on Adventure Riding, Racing, or a Family day on the water, let us keep your Ski reliable and safe so nothing gets in the way of the Fun!


  •  Trailer Bearings can also be done while the Ski is in for service.

  • We have an injector cleaning service for Skis with higher hours.

  • Its time to get out and have some FUN with your Jet Ski Mates!


Contact us for a chat and we will give you advice about your options. We are independent of any brand so the best possible result is always our goal.

We are happy to help you with any advice you may need, whether you are a recreational rider, water sports enthusiast or a racer.

Customers please note: If your Ski experiences any problems while being ridden please contact us and bring it in asap for advice.
We can flush without running the motor and do everything possible to prevent further problems.
We operate 24/7 for urgent issues. “Service is what we do”

Jet Ski Services

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 Ph. m. 07  3151 2037

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