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Jet Ski Safety Products now available


Jet Ski Services has teamed up with Milton from Swellrider to bring everyday Jet Skiers the very same safety equipment available to the professionals of the sport.

Now everyone enjoying Jet Ski adventure rides can equip themselves with the best possible tools for a rescue of a Mate or even your Ski and yourself.

Over the next few months Jet Ski Club will be holding regular safety training led by Milton and incorporating these products.

JetSki TV will be there to get it all on video for everyone to watch and learn. These will be available asap. You never know, one day it may be very useful.

rescue equipment

Please view the products here


Why Swellrider?
-Quality Australian made products
– Used and trusted by Lifeguards

– Perfect for surf rescues and lifesaving
– Endorsed by the Australian Professional Ocean Lifeguard Association(APOLA)
– Strong and Durable
– Does not damage your PWC
– Backed by a twelve month Warranty

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