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Join Us every Wednesday night at 5.30pm for a FREE training session with David the Jet Ski Fitness Guru!


David has specifically designed a program to condition Jet Skiers where they need it most. Using a combination of free weights and some aerobic activity, we have heaps of fun boxing and kicking, climbing ropes and a bit of a footy kick to cool down.

He will also show you a complete set of warm up exercises to use before and after riding.

David has put together a “Race Ready” performance program too!

This is a Jet Ski Services sponsored event so there is no cost at all to Jet Skiers!

So no excuses! Age is no barrier, General Fitness is no barrier as everything is modified to suit the individual.

Come along and have some FUN with your Mates!


5.30pm Wednesdays – Unit 5 / 7 Ereton drive, Arundel.



Q. What should I wear to JSF?
A. Anything you’re comfortable in for doing weights and aerobic exercises. Some of the more enthusiastic competitors may wear their helmets for some of the training.

Q. What age limit is there?
A. We have people from 17 to 70. David guides everyone based on their personal goals

Q. Do I need to book?
A. No we don’t take bookings however numbers may be limited down the track.

Q. How long do we train for?
A. Anything up to an hour with some Jet Ski socialising afterwards 🙂

Q. What does it cost to do JetSki.Fitness?
A. JSF is sponsored by JetSki.Services so is free for Jet Skiers!

Q. When is training held
A. Every Wednesday from 5pm

Q. I have some old injuries that I need to be careful with
A. Most of us do! David will work with you to make sure you dont overdo it where you shouldn’t

See you at JetSki.Fitness!

Any questions about JetSki.Fitness please Contact Us

Private and group sessions are available at other times by appointment.

About David: Having held 2 World titles for 6 years each David has gone on to become a qualified and experienced fitness trainer with his own gyms for many years.

David specialises in targeted training and has many water sports athletes he has trained. One of the other sports he specialises in is Surfing.

David Jet Ski Fitness  IMG_8138



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