Consignment Sales

Jet Ski Services offers a Sale by consignment service.


Many of our members are looking for their first Ski or to upgrade to a New/Pre Owned Ski.


  • By keeping a database of Skis on the market we are often able to match up Skis to their new home without any marketing or advertising costs


  • All you have to do is bring the Ski into the JetSki TV studio  so we can film and photograph it. Then relax and let us match it with it’s new home!


  • Interstate sellers can send us a video and some photos following our examples which we will edit into the video.


  • You will receive a copy of the produced photos and a video of your Ski to use in any other marketing you choose


  • Just contact us to let us know the details and we’ll start doing some matchmaking 🙂


  • If your not sure what to buy, why not have a chat with us to discuss an unbiased and experienced view of all makes and models and how they will suit your personal needs the best!



Lets Ride!


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