Jet Ski Repairs

Got a problem with your Jet Ski?


Don’t worry! Bring it in to us for a quote on getting it going again.

We cater for all Jet Ski makes and models of all ages.


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Jet Ski Crash Repairs



Don’t worry JetSki Crash Repairs will get it sorted for you.


Jet Ski Crash Repairs is able to offer you a same day turn around on quotes for your Jet Ski Crash Repairs


We have a direct link

Jet Ski Tuning


At Jet Ski Services and Performance we are able to help you with any kind of tune you need.

Weather you want a full MoTeC setup for racing, through to a simple re-flash to gain a

Jet Ski Servicing, Performance & Repairs

We service, repair and modify for performance on New and Used Jet Skis .


All Skis are serviced beyond the workshop manual requirements. You will not void your new Ski warranty.
We have developed our own “Best

Jet Ski Injector Service

When did you last get your injectors cleaned?

Did you know that these days the four stroke Skis are capable of doing thousands of hours. Many of them are fuel injected and this means they are going

Jet Ski Care Products

JetSKI.XXX is our flagship brand for Premium Jet Ski Products.


Product Brochure


Check out the JetSki.XXX website for product details and where to buy.

Or visit our shop



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3 things that make a Premium Jet Ski Service

At Jet Ski Services we do things a little differently. Firstly we follow the recommended service check list according to the workshop manual.

However what’s best for your Ski isn’t necessarily what’s the most convenient for a

Jet Ski Safety Products now available

Jet Ski Services has teamed up with Milton from Swellrider to bring everyday Jet Skiers the very same safety equipment available to the professionals of the sport.

Now everyone enjoying Jet Ski adventure rides can equip themselves

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