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Join Us every Wednesday night at 5.30pm for a FREE training session with David the Jet Ski Fitness Guru!


David has specifically designed a program to condition Jet Skiers where they need it most. Using a combination of free

Christmas Day the Jet Ski Way – Jet Ski Club 2015

Christmas Day the Jet Ski Way – Jet Ski Club 2015

We set out from the ramp with a huge storm behind us. Inland rivers were our destination and eventually they led us to the Russel



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Craig : Oxenford

Year Make and Model: 2102 Seadoo GTX 155

Message: Highly recommend to ANYONE looking to have a pre-purchase inspection done and/or

QFWA Wetseat Showdown – 2015

The QFWA Wetseat showdown 2015 was an amazing event. For all the photos visit The Jet Ski Club

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Jet Ski Club Adventure Ride – Cook Island NSW Jan 2015

Jet Ski Club Adventure Ride – Cook Island NSW Jan 2015

25 Skis set off for a day of adventure and fun!

For more photos and to join the discussion go to TheJetSki.Club

Thank you to all the awesome Jet

Jet Ski Care Products

JetSKI.XXX is our flagship brand for Premium Jet Ski Products.


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Check out the JetSki.XXX website for product details and where to buy.

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3 things that make a Premium Jet Ski Service

At Jet Ski Services we do things a little differently. Firstly we follow the recommended service check list according to the workshop manual.

However what’s best for your Ski isn’t necessarily what’s the most convenient for a

Jet Ski Safety Products now available

Jet Ski Services has teamed up with Milton from Swellrider to bring everyday Jet Skiers the very same safety equipment available to the professionals of the sport.

Now everyone enjoying Jet Ski adventure rides can equip themselves

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