Whale Watching Jet Ski Ride

We set out from the Gold Coast on a perfect winters day.

The Sun was shining bright and the wind was right down. The swell was only small small rolling slowly as we set course around

Jet Ski Mobile Servicing


If your unable to bring your Ski in why not give our mobile servicing a go.

We come to your Ski anywhere between Tweed to Brisbane. Still the same oils and additives, techniques and Jet Ski

Jet Ski School

So you’ve decided to join the worlds fastest growing water powersport!

Congratulations and welcome. You’re in for the ride of your life 🙂

The first and most important part of joining the sport of JetSkiing in Queensland

Jet Ski Radio

Tune in for our weekly Rebel FM Jet Ski radio roundup.



We’ll cover off whats happening around our wonderful waterways for the weekend.

All Jet Ski Events and Group Rides should post the event details on Jet

Consignment Sales

Jet Ski Services offers a Sale by consignment service.


Many of our members are looking for their first Ski or to upgrade to a New/Pre Owned Ski.


By keeping a database of Skis on the market we are

Jet Ski Crash Repairs



Don’t worry JetSki Crash Repairs will get it sorted for you.


Jet Ski Crash Repairs is able to offer you a same day turn around on quotes for your Jet Ski Crash Repairs


We have a direct link

Lake Moogerah – Jet Ski Club Jan ’17

Wow, what a fantastic weekend at Moogerah!

Great people, weather, fun, Skis and beautiful fresh water to play in.

Thanks to everyone for being a part of it, Cant wait for the next one too 🙂

Join us

Jet Ski Graphics


Jet Ski Graphics can wrap your Ski from bow to stern or just a few pieces to liven the Ski up.


Contact Us for your next custom design or to apply your sticker kit purchased elsewhere!



Jet Ski Servicing, Performance & Repairs



We service, repair and modify for performance on New and Used Jet Skis including Sea-Doo, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Hondas.

All Skis are serviced beyond the workshop manual requirements. We have developed our own “Best Practice Premium

Jet Ski Racing – Queensland Titles 8th May 2016

A fantastic crowd turned up for the 2016 Queensland Titles held at Pelican Park, Redcliffe.

There were many enthusiastic newbies giving it a go and the best Skis in the country were unreal to watch.

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